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Couples Massage

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Grace loves to give a great massage couples.Getting a couples massage can be a stress reliever or an erotic experience, depending on what you and your partner are looking for. However, while most people schedule massages in a spa, we come directly to your room. This can further enhance the experience and take even more of the stress away.

The Best Experience For You And Your Partner

If you and your partner are looking to relax while enjoying a getaway in Vegas, hiring one or two masseuses to come into your room and massage each of you can help relieve some of the tension in your body and help each to relax. The best part is that you don't even have to worry about getting dressed and walking down to the spa in the casino. The masseuses come right to you. Stay in your pajamas until the masseuse gets there, or order some champagne and hang out until your appointment. You don't have to worry about finding your way to a specific spot by a certain time.

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Why Couples Love Sensual Massage

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Consider A Sensual Massage Las Vegas Style

If you are visiting Las Vegas, you are well aware it is a city full of entertainment and excitement. The fun times do not need to be limited to areas outside of your hotel room, however. If you are visiting the city with your significant other, and you are thinking about trying something a little different together, sensual massage can be the ticket to happiness for you both!

Las Vegas sensual massage is usually limited. You can't find this type of service in a spa or beauty salon, as the private setting makes it a little dicey for those who are not into being free and exploration. You can however call for service to be sent directly to your hotel room (or home) to enjoy sensuality at its finest.

What You Can Expect

If you have never experienced the touch of another in a sensual way while having a massage, you may be taken aback at first. It may feel foreign and strange. It may also be tempting and ever so naughty. The best part is that your significant other is having the same exact feelings as you at the same exact time. This is an intense feeling, and while it may feel taboo or strange at first, it will quickly become accepted and enjoyed.

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Erotic Massage is for Couples

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Intensify The Experience

When opting for an erotic massage Las Vegas spa settings will not be ask intimately set up as if if you were to have a masseuse come to your hotel room or home. The setting can greatly affect the amount of enjoyment one would get out of the session. If it is in the comfort of your own turf, you feel more in control of the session, allowing you to kick back and take it all in without worry you will offend someone by showing too much emotion if it is enjoyed to the fullest.

Many people are finding that couples massage is the wave of the future in getting to know your significant other on an entirely different level. This may show you a side of them you were unaware existed, possibly opening up new activities and sexual fantasy role-playing in the future as you find out what types of touches they enjoy. Consider trying an erotic massage with your mate for a new take on togetherness.

How The Procedure Works

Erotic massage can be given in dribs and drabs or in full out sexuality enhancing touches. The amount of eroticism your masseuse gives is entirely up to you. If you want a small amount of flirtation, your masseuse may speak to you while you have the massage done. They will have you visualize yourself in a totally different setting, allowing you to fantasize what may happen next. As you close your eyes you will wonder which part of the body your massage therapist will work on, making the air of mystery and the element of surprise help increase your overall arousal.

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