Erotic Massage is for Couples

She wants to entertain you both.

Intensify The Experience

When opting for an erotic massage Las Vegas spa settings will not be ask intimately set up as if if you were to have a masseuse come to your hotel room or home. The setting can greatly affect the amount of enjoyment one would get out of the session. If it is in the comfort of your own turf, you feel more in control of the session, allowing you to kick back and take it all in without worry you will offend someone by showing too much emotion if it is enjoyed to the fullest.

Many people are finding that couples massage is the wave of the future in getting to know your significant other on an entirely different level. This may show you a side of them you were unaware existed, possibly opening up new activities and sexual fantasy role-playing in the future as you find out what types of touches they enjoy. Consider trying an erotic massage with your mate for a new take on togetherness.

How The Procedure Works

Erotic massage can be given in dribs and drabs or in full out sexuality enhancing touches. The amount of eroticism your masseuse gives is entirely up to you. If you want a small amount of flirtation, your masseuse may speak to you while you have the massage done. They will have you visualize yourself in a totally different setting, allowing you to fantasize what may happen next. As you close your eyes you will wonder which part of the body your massage therapist will work on, making the air of mystery and the element of surprise help increase your overall arousal.

Many couples enjoy having a Las Vegas erotic massage together as it will double the pleasure you receive. You will not only have your masseuse trying to make you think sexy thoughts, but your partner will be there as well, watching and teasing. The entire scenario is one couples find to be completely naughty in a delicious way. It is an experience to be shared and one that will have memories that last for some time to come afterwards.

Teasin’ And Pleasin’

Who doesn’t like a little teasing once in a while? It is all in good fun and when given by a stranger in your own home, the scenario is even more exhilarating. You will be delighted to feel light touches, not so innocent lingering of hands, and relaxation of the muscles during your erotic experience. If you decide to have your partner join you, you may have two masseuses performing the tasks. Each of you will receive individualized attention, but at the same time you will be in the presence of your partner, making your reactions truly exposed.

Consider have the masseuses give the touches to you and your partner in tandem. You will be able to discuss with each other how it feels and use some role-playing or pretending while it happens to help keep the excitement and involvement alive. If something feels extremely pleasing, let the masseuse know so they can continue with the procedure, while making sure your partner gets the same treatment from their own masseuse.

Rest Your Weary Muscles

Las Vegas. erotic massage usually starts as an innocent massage session. You will lie on a table or bed and let the massage therapist take the kinks out of your back, shoulders, neck and legs. They will take the time to use their professionalism to scientifically pinpoint which areas are in need of extra attention, allowing you to relax and enjoy feeling your muscles become less tense as a result.

This relaxation will help increase your endorphins, giving you the feeling of happiness and peacefulness. When you are in a completely relaxed state, your masseuse may add a bit of teasing into their regimen to see how your body reacts to it. If you are overly stressed, you may decide to forego the eroticism completely and just enjoy a true massage. There is nothing wrong with this! But, if the touches feel right and you are in the correct state of mind, some playfulness will most likely be well taken, allowing you to sit back and add a bit of fantasy to the overall experience.

Your body will lead you in the right direction. If you are not ready for it, do not dismay! The time and outside influences must be completely right for erotic massaging to be completely successful. Our massage therapists realize this and if they catch an indication in your body language that it isn’t working for you, they will continue with a deep tissue massage to relax your muscles.