Couples Review Their Massage Experience

Some of the best things in Vegas is done with your significant other.

Couples massage reviews

We are confident you will enjoy your experience with our services. We have received many complements from past clients and wish to share some of our favorites with you!

Cyndi And Ron – Fort Lauderdale, Florida:
“My husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy the thrill of the nightlife and casinos. We enjoyed going out as a couple, but there was that special something missing. I had heard about couple’s massage before and figured, why not? I called and we had our session that very night. Our masseuses Sharon and Britney were some of the most caring women we had ever met! The experience was beyond our wildest dreams and I can safely say they helped put the oomph back into the relationship! We are going to visit again each year for our honeymoon and can’t wait to repeat the massage experience!”

Cheryl And Melissa – Chicago, IL:
“My partner and I were looking for something fun to do while in Las Vegas. One of our friends mentioned trying out a couples massage. We took the advice and booked a session for two at our hotel room. Let me tell you, we never laughed so much in our life! Our personal massage therapists were wonderful at putting our minds at ease and we enjoyed the night tremendously. After they left for the evening, the night got even better! They definitely set the mood for a night of romance like no other. Thank you for your caring! We will definitely pass along the word!”

Frank And Balinda – Las Vegas, NV:
“We live in town and are repeat customers! We love the service you provide and find it a great way to escape the everyday grind of work, kids, home life, etc. We had the babysitter take the kids for a movie and had our massage during this time! Thank you!”

Rick And Rachel – Washington, DC:
“My girlfriend and I frequently travel to Las Vegas on business together. When the boss informs us we are on a flight to Las Vegas shortly, we make the appointment with our favorite masseuses right away. We know they are in high demand and love knowing they will be waiting for us to arrive. One time, we weren’t able to get our favorite Sam, so we tried someone know. Michelle is one of the best massage artists out there! We highly recommend her services and when Sam isn’t available, she is the next in line to service my girl and I!”

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Charlene – Omaha, NE:
“I love the service that is provided when I am in need of a real massage. I recently tried a couples massage with my husband when we visited Vegas together. He is just as excited about our next trip as I am!”

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – San Diego, CA
“Kudos to the massage therapists! My wife and I sleep like babies every time we order services from you guys. I’ve also learned a few massage moves of my own to try out at home, which is a definite plus. Thumbs up!”

Veronika and Milo – Pittsburgh, PA
“My fiance and I just took a trip to Las Vegas to do a bit of gambling. Well, we took the gamble and called for a discreet massage session as a couple. We never had one before and were too shy to call a spa to book one. We took the chance and called your company. Boy, are we glad we did! That was totally intense! I have told several of my friends about the great service you provide and I am coming back for my bachelorette party in a few weeks and can’t wait to show my friends how great your workers are at giving massages! It won’t be a couples massage, but what’s wrong with a friends’ massage, right?”

Mildred And Hank – Seattle, WA
“My love and I frequent the Las Vegas area once or twice a year. We enjoy the thrill of the casinos and the fine dining. The last time we visited, my husband surprised me with an anniversary couples massage. This was the highlight of our trip!”

Pedro – Mexico City
“I brought my girl to Los Vegas for surprise trip. I call you and we had the best massage time ever! Gracias!”

I can’t believe how sexy I feel after a couples massage. My boyfriend wanted to jump my bones after you left the hotel room last time. We will be repeat customers for sure!