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You are in or are intending to be in Las Vegas for business or a much-needed vacation. You have your significant other with you. Now all you need to do is figure out what you are going to do with any free time you have while in the big city. You want to impress your loved one, no doubt. You also want some pampering. Consider adding a sexy couples massage into the mix! Here are all the ins and outs necessary to be aware of should you decide to seek the best erotic massage Vegas has to offer.

What is a couples massage?

Exactly what is a couples massage in Las Vegas? If you haven’t heard the term before, or if you only heard it in passing and weren’t really sure what it was all about, you may have had some reservations about trying one yourself. A couples massage is just that…a massage for couples. It is a massage that you share with your significant other. A couples massage is an experience that allows for partners to relish togetherness, pampering, and sexiness, all in a private setting. The best erotic massage Las Vegas visitors can enjoy as a couple is one that is provided by a professional massage artist with plenty of experience in making sure each participant’s needs are met in tandem. There is nothing better than knowing your partner is enjoying themselves while you are being pampered alongside them. It is truly an experience that brings partners closer to one another.

About Us

We have been in the business of providing the nude massages Las Vegas visitors schedule with our adept workers time and time again. Each of our massage artists has a unique style, meaning you will get a different sexual massage each time you book a session with us. We are reasonably priced, know the importance of discretion, and go above and beyond to make sure you receive an erotic couples massage each of you will think about for a long time after it comes to a close.

Since we are not new to the massage scene, we have perfected our skills, meaning you and your partner will receive the absolute best of the best when it comes to pampering. We offer more than a stone massage offered by massage parlors, we specialize in the art of Tantra massage. There is nothing new or special with the hot stones and a deep tissue massage that can be had at any high class casino spa with a steam room; so clients can call us for something special and harder to come by. When you want the Las Vegas erotic couples massage that is making Vegas the hottest destination for couples looking to spice up their life, you book a massage with US!

What to expect

As a couple, there are a lot of expectations that need to be fulfilled. Our high class massage artists are well aware of this and will make it a priority that each of you leaves your session completely satiated. When your massage artist arrives at your home or hotel room, you will first have some time to get to know her personally. Some light banter and the answering of some key questions will get her off to the right start. She uses this time to learn about you individually and as a couple and incorporates this information into the best erotic massage in Vegas you will ever receive.

Your massage artist will provide a topless massage Las Vegas is known for. When your provider is topless, it helps to break the ice and get both parties ready for a thrilling and very sensual time to share. She will service each of you separately, so you can watch each other’s enjoyment. She will also serve you together and give you tips on how to give a naked massage Las Vegas style on your own, so you can play around with the processes when you get back home. You may learn some techniques that go well with your favorite sex positions!

Is a couples massage right for you?

There are a few questions to ask yourself when making the decision about whether a couples massage is right for you and your partner. Do you want to enhance your relationship in a meaningful way? Does your partner enjoy sharing new experiences with you? Do they feel shy or embarrassed when it comes to exposing themselves to others? Would they like to massage where another person is in the room with them? Do you believe that a couple can enjoy a sexual experience where another person is the leader regarding the activities that take place? If your partner is open to new experiences, and you believe that a massage shared together would bring you closer, then, by all means, do not hesitate to book a massage together! If your partner has qualms about opening up, you may need to discuss the option with them before booking a session. Be sure to alert them of the benefits to be obtained, helping to encourage them to try something new that will leave you both with a positive outlook. The best erotic massage in Las Vegas is one that is shared side by side with someone you care about.

Choosing your massage girls

Each of our beautiful women are skilled with hand movements, as well as making clients feel completely at ease. They know how to provide erotic massage for women, as well as for couples. This is especially important for those with reservations about having a massage artist of the same sex providing services. Our massage girls are sexy, sensual, caring, and intelligent. This combination means your erotic couples massage will be one full of surprises, connections, and pure bliss. To find a massage girl that suits your needs, simply check out the profiles provided on our website. Read over the information, look at the photos, and make a decision based on the curiosity factor both you and your partner have. Your sensual massage will then be one you are sure to reminisce about over and over.

Your happy ending awaits!

A sensual couples massage is not at all a scary experience. Adept massage artists provide pampering services in the comfort of your own room. Discretion is of the utmost importance. Your couple massage is only as good as the company you select to provide it to you. When you contact us, you will be asked a few questions to ensure we select the best woman to give you a couples massage Vegas. This is based on the answers you provide as well as the decision you make after looking over the profiles of our professionals. After these processes are complete, your session is booked. Then you just need to sit back, relax, and await the best couples massage Las Vegas has to offer. The bottom line is we want to give you a couples massage happy ending that makes all your fantasies come completely true!

How To Make The Most Of Your Massage Experience

Before your naked massage takes place, a few preparations are necessary, so you get the most out of your session. Make sure you and your partner have plenty of time available where you do not feel the pressure to hurry up with the session at all. You want to be completely relaxed. Refrain from booking your session after strenuous activities, so you can enjoy all movements without the risk of exhaustion or discomfort. Pick out a massage girl that both you and your partner find attractive.

Las Vegas Couples Massage Packages

The Newbies Package – This is for the first timers, the curious couples, and the adventurous spirits who have yet to experience the bliss that is Las Vegas Couples Massages! You can choose to keep it romantic, make it a bit more fantasy, but no matter what you try, we will make sure you both feel comfortable and confident.

“The Usual” – For our regulars. Our repeat customers love this package because we get to know them and learn their preferences. This enables us to repeatedly provide exactly what they like, every time! We work with you to create a custom package with your specifications, so every time you visit, you can just ask for “The Usual”.

Slippery When Wet This is your invitation to try one of our “sloppy massages” like NURU, or soapy massage, or even a CBD oil massage! We will keep your hotel or home clean and dry with our own protective materials and you will love how much fun you can really have with an in room massage when you try one of these.

The Fetish Touch – There is a real skill to some of our more exotic massages, and we have found a few ways to make your massage an experience on another level. Feet. Light bondage. Sensory stimulations. We have so many ways to tickle your fancy… All you have to do is ask!

Tantric Tango –  Find true connection with a deep dive into the erotic art of Tantra. We have specialists who will help you reach new levels in your relationship with an experience of a lifetime. This is not for everyone, but if it is something you have been thinking about, we strongly recommend this massage as an introduction to the Tantric arts.

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