Los Angeles In Room Couples Massage Services

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Los Angeles in room couples massage

Try A New Activity

If you are visiting or live in Los Angeles, you may want to try something on the wild side with your partner to help increase your libido and raise the intimacy level between you both. Couples massage is the newest trend in getting involved in an activity you will both enjoy while helping to boost the romance in your relationship.

Couples massage sessions can be ordered to be administered in the privacy of your hotel room or your home bedroom. This service is one that will be enjoyed by you both and you will be sure to be repeat customers once you see what benefits await!

Tantalize Your Senses

Having a massage with a partner while in Los Angeles will be an exhiliarating experience in several ways. You will feel the tender touch of another, helping to sooth aching muscles and work kinks out of your back, neck, and legs. This alone is worth the experience. There is however, much more to make your senses pop besides touch.

Your masseuses will light somber candles to help get you into the romantic mood. The flickering lights in a darkened room can help you relax and feel sexy as you disrobe to enjoy time with your partner. The slick feeling of your skin as your masseuse lathers you up with oil will heighten your sense of smell as the essential oils used within are known to be a pleasing scent that helps increase your desire. Music can be softly played in the background to take away the uncomfortable feeling of silence when receiving your massage. This will lighten the mood and help you feel tranquil while having your massage.

Feel The Togetherness

The couples massage Los Angeles provides is all about making sure you are both being pleased at the same time. If one person is enjoying the sensations and the other is not, the procedure will not be as fun. For this reason, it is very important to speak up if something is hurting you or if it doesn’t feel like something you enjoy. Let your personal massage therapist know when they are doing something to your body that you enjoy. This way, they can alter the way they are touching you when you tell them there is something you do not like. Communication between you and your masseuse is key in being able to have a successful couples massage.

Once you are both in agreement that the touches being administered are pleasing, you will be able to relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of your partner as they relish in delight. They in turn will do the same for you. When both parties are enjoying themselves, the feelings will be more pronounced and a wonderful time will be had!