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Reviews & FAQs

FAQs & Reviews

Couples Review Their Massage Experience

Hot girls are just waiting to give you amazing pleasure.We are confident you will enjoy your experience with our services. We have received many complements from past clients and wish to share some of our favorites with you!

Cyndi And Ron - Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

"My husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy the thrill of the nightlife and casinos. We enjoyed going out as a couple, but there was that special something missing. I had heard about couple's massage before and figured, why not? I called and we had our session that very night. Our masseuses Sharon and Britney were some of the most caring women we had ever met! The experience was beyond our wildest dreams and I can safely say they helped put the oomph back into the relationship! We are going to visit again each year for our honeymoon and can't wait to repeat the massage experience!"

Cheryl And Melissa - Chicago, IL:

"My partner and I were looking for something fun to do while in Las Vegas. One of our friends mentioned trying out a couples massage. We took the advice and booked a session for two at our hotel room. Let me tell you, we never laughed so much in our life! Our personal massage therapists were wonderful at putting our minds at ease and we enjoyed the night tremendously. After they left for the evening, the night got even better! They definitely set the mood for a night of romance like no other. Thank you for your caring! We will definitely pass along the word!"

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How Does Couples Massage Work?

Such a great way to relax with your spouse.

Where Should You Have A Partner Massage Done?

If you are contemplating a couples massage Las Vegas offers many options. Most people tend to hit a spa for treatment, however, this limits the amount of intimacy you will enjoy with your partner as there are stipulations in place since it will be held in a public facility. Having a massage in the comfort of your home or hotel room is becoming more and more popular with couples as it allows both of you to enjoy the experience without holding back in any way.

How Does The Session Work?

In most cases two masseuses will be provided to administer the massages. One will tend to you as the other tends to your partner. If you have two beds in the same room, or a couch and a bed, this will work well. If you have a large bed, you may be able to have the massage right there if it is bed enough. If not, your personal masseuses will bring along a low folding table to use for your massages. They will be set up next to each other and you will be in close proximity of your partner throughout the entire experience.

You will each be instructed to climb on your bed or table and will lie on your stomach. Beforehand, you will be asked to strip down to be completely nude. Put on a robe if you are modest about being seen. Your masseuse will use a sheet to cover your lower body if you wish. If not, they will not be at all offended if you are stripped bare for them on the table or bed. This gives them more room to administer their touches anyway!

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Couples Massage FAQs & Etiquette

Some couples just come crawling back for more pleasure.

What To Expect Upon Arrival

Many people are not sure what to expect when having a couples massage. How does it work? What is going to happen? When you call to make an appointment, your masseuses will arrive at the designated time and place prepared to give you a massage you will enjoy together. Upon their arrival, the area where you will be having the massage will be assessed to see if there needs to be any changes made so you will both feel comfortable. If there is not enough room on the bed for both of you, your masseuses may set up temporary mattresses on the floor or low tables with cushions upon them to use for the procedure. Candles will be lit and soft music will be put on a portable CD player. You will now be ready to enjoy the massage!

Do We Need To Disrobe?

It will be easiest for your masseuse to give you the experience you desire if you are fully unclothed. You can use a sheet or blanket for modesty if you wish and your masseuse will pull it away during times they need to access parts of the body you have covered. We are not at all offended by complete nudity and prefer it! Our massage therapists have seen all body types and have no qualms about adding another. There is really no reason for embarrassment as they are professionals who are more in tune with giving you pleasure.

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